How To Keep Your Marriage Ceremony Within A Budget?

A wedding is a significant day in a couple’s life that celebrates their union. The wedding ceremony is usually pretty expensive and can drain a couple of all their savings. This is especially true for couples that are in their 20s, however, the good news is that weddings don’t have to be expensive. Many people spend unnecessarily on weddings, and one can easily save up a lot of money by opting for a frugal wedding instead of a lavish one. We need to drop the mindset of a wedding having to be expensive, you can still have your perfect wedding by cutting down on a few things. Here are a few examples of how you can decrease the overall cost of the wedding ceremony.

1. Cut down on your guest list

You don’t have to invite all your friends and family just because you are obligated to, just invite the ones you want at your wedding. Adding almost everyone you know into the list would only make this day less intimate and can further increase your budget.

2. Avoid booking a hall

The venue of a wedding can be really expensive, having an outdoor wedding would be a much cheaper option. Why does one have to rent out a specific place anyway? You can have the wedding at a public place like a park with a beautiful view or a lake or even at your backdoor garden if there’s space. With the right decorations, the place can be a perfect venue for a wedding. However, you need to be prepared for sudden changes in the weather condition or other environmental factors and have a backup plan.

3. Hire your friends or cheaper professionals

Music at a wedding is a must, getting your friends to perform at your wedding can add a personal and intimate touch. Another alternative is to look for places that play cheap wedding music, many small startup companies offer good music for a much cheaper cost than the well-known reputed ones.

In general, always look for a cheaper alternative when it comes to things like catering foods or getting an acoustic duo for hire, but ensure that they are good at what they do.

4. Use fake flowers

Real flowers are nice but they are quite expensive, why do you need to spend so much on flowers that are going to die afterward anyway? Most people won’t notice that the flowers are fake unless they look up closely and they would serve well for decoration purposes just like the real ones.